monthly price excluding VAT with a 12-month commitment
350 per licence per month
  • 1 full control user
  • 5 viewers included
  • Unlimited connectors
  • Explorer
  • Creating and managing Cloud budgets
  • Displaying custom tags
  • Alerts on your expenses and forecasts

"NO" to percentages

Why should you pay more for a tool that does not do its job optimally? 

Most Cloud Cost Management solutions work on a percentage model: each month, you pay a fixed percentage of your Cloud invoice. Your bill therefore varies according to your monthly consumption: the more you spend in the Cloud, the more you pay. Does that make sense to you?

We offer you a fixed and transparent tariff. Depending on your monthly spending level, your billing does not vary. Add stability to your cloud budgets.

illustration Lota "No % in tariffs".
Illustration Lota "climb the tariff tiers".

An innovative bearing system

The interest of our platform is based on the clarification of your billing data.

We have therefore devised a solution that does not add variability to the monitoring of your expenses. Depending on your monthly cloud budget, you pass fixed thresholds that determine the price of our platform.

The objective? Do not be charged more if your budget increases and allow you to keep a real visibility on your Cloud budget.  

A team at your service

We are always ready to listen to you and to develop a platform that is constantly evolving and that responds directly to your needs. 

This Cloud Cost Management tool offers you many features to optimise your Cloud expenses. 

Our team is at your disposal and will use your feedback to develop the most appropriate solution for your business and the new challenges of digital.

In line with your requirements, our roadmap is constantly evolving. 

Let's build together the solution that will revolutionise the digital world of tomorrow. 


Illustration Lota "a team at your service".

Clément Rainsard
Founder & Managing Director
tel: +33 7 49 56 88 49
email: crainsard@lota.Cloud

Let's build together a solution adapted to your needs. Come and discover our ideas and suggest yours.

A 100% transparent project!