Make the most of tags

Here are the steps to follow to use the functionality on the platform.

Benefits of the functionality

  • Organising your infrastructure
  • Filtering and grouping resources
  • Identify sources of consumption
  • Detecting anomalies and unidentified expenditure
  • Facilitate its analysis with a broad or detailed view of its costs

I. The information in the scoreboard

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the "Tags" tab

The dashboard gives you information on :

    • The number of tags
    • Tagged and untagged expenditure by value
    • The coverage rate
    • The distribution of the different keys and values of the infrastructure
  • By clicking on the keys, you can see the details of the associated values and amounts
  • By clicking on the time band, you can change the periods analysed

II. The "configuration" option

Generally, the number of tags in the cloud is greater than the number of tags that are useful for FinOps. In the "Configuration" tool, you select the tags that are important for your reporting. 

  • Click on the "Configuration" button to go to the available tags tab
  • Select the tags to be activated on the application
  • Confirm their activation by clicking on "Activate selected tags". 

By default, all available tags are activated in the application. By selecting only the tags to be activated, the other tags will no longer be visible in the application.  

III. Displaying target expenditures

The platform gives you an overview of your expenses broken down by key or tag. 

Without applying a filter, the platform gives you a summary of your costs (tagged expenses, untagged expenses, coverage, etc.) according to all the tags activated.

  • To get an overview of the expenses you are targeting, go to the search bar or apply filters 

The search bar will allow you to check the existence of a tag and to find it quickly.
By applying filters, you can eliminate categories that are not necessary for your search.

  • The tag summary is updated according to the filters applied
  • The breakdown of expenditure is shown in cash and percentage terms on the diagram

IV. Viewing on the explorer

After applying or not applying filters to your tags, go into more detail about the sources of your expenses.

  • Directly from the "tag" page, click on the breakdown of expenditure by key. This will open the breakdown by tag.
  • To find out more about the costs you are interested in, click on the tag and the platform will redirect you to the "explorer" page.
  • This redirection will give you a more accurate view of the resources allocated to this tag and therefore identify the sources of your expenses. 

Tags are updated regularly. Stay tuned to add new tags to your application.