Take advantage of the custom product dictionary

Here are the steps to follow to use the functionality on the Lota.cloud platform.

Benefits of the functionality

  • Adapting the vocabulary to your vision of the Cloud 
  • Create and affiliate products to new categories
  • Customise categories to suit your needs

I. Add a product category

  • Login to your Lota.cloud account
  • Go to the "Product dictionary" tab
  • In the "categories" table on the right, click on "add a category".
Lota.cloud product dictionary functionality

II. Linking a category to one or more products

  • Go to the "Product dictionary" tab
  • Select the product(s) that require modification
  • Choose the new category to be affiliated with the products
  • Validate the update

III. Viewing changes in the explorer

After applying the categories to the products

  • Click on the "Explorer" option and then "Categories".

Products will be visible, allocated to new categories*.

Changes can take up to 24 hours to be implemented on the platform and to be visible on the browser.

Lota.cloud product dictionary functionality