Make the most of the budget

Here are the steps to follow to use the functionality on the platform.

Benefits of the functionality

  • Set a cost control budget
  • Individually configure the amounts allocated per period
  • Predict and anticipate expenses over a defined period
  • Tracking costs accurately
  • Compare budgeted and actual expenditure
  • Receive personalised alerts in case of overruns
Unlimited number of budgets

I. Creating a budget

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the "Budget" tab
  • Click on "Create a budget
  • Fill in the parameters :
    • Name of the budget
    • Description
    • Name of the person responsible
    • Start and end date
    • Periodicity (daily/monthly/annual analysis)
    • Amount allocated
    • Targets to be filtered if necessary
  • Save settings

II. Modify or delete your budget

  • Go to the "Product dictionary" tab
  • Click on the "pen" icon or the "modify this budget" button to modify and the "cross" or the button to delete
  • Change at your convenience "the target allocation amount".
  • Manually customise the amounts allocated by period by clicking on the amounts to modify them
  • Do not forget to "Validate all periods".
  • Save the changes

III. Visualising and exporting your budget

After creating a budget

  • Go to the "budget" tab
  • Click on the budget to view
  • Click on "Share this budget" to copy/paste the budget link and set up access for the users concerned
  • Analyse the amount budgeted and the amount achieved by the graphs presented by period