Microsoft Azure connector support

Here are the steps to connect your Microsoft Azure account to

Microsoft Azure connection

I. Start the Cloud Connection Tutorial

First, in, you need to start the Cloud connection tutorial

  • Click on the " Settings " tab
  • Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal: https: //
  • Then select the " Cost Management + Billing" page, then " Cost Analysis ". 

To find the " Export " feature you need to click on " Configuration " or " Settings". connector settings

II. Configuring the export

To set up the export to a container of a storage account.

  • The name of the file must be defined
  • Export type: Daily export of monthly cumulative costs
  • Then either use an existing container or create a new one,
  • Validate this step

Go to Storage Account and find the container you have just set up for exporting billing data.

  • Click on it to display the details of the container

III. Retrieving billing data

In the menu on the left you have the tab " Access keys".
These keys will allow us to connect as to your container and to retrieve the billing data deposited each day by your provider. (Either 1 or 2, as you wish)

  • Return to /
  • Copy - Paste the connection string into step 1 of the Azure connection form with the container name.
  • Then in step 2 of the form you can define the name of the connector to better find it
Stage 1
Step 2