Computer graphics: the FinOps Christmas list

The FinOps Christmas list

2019 is coming to an end and the holiday season is fast approaching. In this time of lights and ugly sweaters, everyone is immersed in the Christmas spirit. You, you think about closing your budget and your Cloud bill, which is only increasing.

As every year, you will receive more or less embarrassing gifts from your loved ones. It's the intention that counts, it seems. Tired of getting wool socks, not always funny almanacs or mugs full of not always inspiring quotes?

Little confidence: we're just like you. We're a little tired of generic gifts that don't make us hot or cold. We dream of a REALLY useful gift, a gift that really changes our daily lives. The kind of gift that will really make us love the person who gives it to us, that will make us think of Christmas dinner all year round.

To try to make a difference, here is a little example of a Christmas list for all FinOps whose goal in 2020 is to reduce their Cloud bill.

Christmas list graphics

Okay, maybe you don't believe in Santa Claus anymore. But maybe it's worth a try, right?

The procedure to follow, in case :

  • Right click on the image > Open in a new tab
  • File > Print
  • Go to the nearest post office, stand in line, stamp your letter and send it to the following address: Santa Claus - 1 Rue du Ciel étoilé - North Pole

You know what they say about a misunderstanding...

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