The complete AWS pricing guide

The first white paper entirely dedicated
to AWS pricing.

➡️ Master the basics of AWS pricing

➡️ Understand how the 4 main families of services work

➡️ Regain control over your Cloud expenses

Who is the training for?

You are an IT professional: you will find all the information you need to master AWS pricing.

You are a finance professional: you will finally have a reference document to easily understand how your money is used.

You are an IT consultant: this guide will help you save valuable time and train your customers on the subject of AWS pricing.

You don't understand your AWS expenses anymore?
Get back in control!

Who are we?

This guide is offered to you free of charge by We are a French start-up that develops a 100% FinOps platform for all companies.

Our goal: to provide IT professionals with all the keys to optimize their Cloud spending, whether through our practical advice or our automation platform.

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The complete AWS pricing guide