FinOps Training

How do you get started in the FinOps model?

7 days of free advice on how to reduce your cloud spend from scratch:

➡️ Implementing its FinOps strategy

➡️ Getting fast results

➡️ Sustaining the FinOps model over the long term

Who is the training for?

You are an IT professional: we will explain how to quickly reduce your Cloud expenses.

You are a Finance professional: we give you the keys to understanding Cloud expense management.

You are an IT consultant: find out how to develop the FinOps model at your customers.

Are your expenses exploding?
Switch to FinOps mode!

Many companies have migrated to the Cloud in recent years.

But few people can boast that they can manage their budget without difficulty.

The flexibility of the Cloud and the speed with which it allows IT teams to develop new applications is great news for most businesses.

But the other side of the coin is often found in the invoice.

Over-consumption, complex and flexible pricing, fluctuating costs according to peaks in activity, fuzzy supply: Cloud expense management is often a subject we'd rather not deal with.

Fortunately, for several years now, a model has been developing to help companies wishing to (finally) stop this waste.

In 2019, approximately $14 billion has been wasted on unused Cloud resources.

The model that aims to help IT professionals put an end to uncontrollable bills is FinOps. A real change in the way the Cloud is designed, FinOps revolutionizes the traditional view of the IT world and gives you the keys to control your budget.

This free training is designed to help you get started in FinOps. If you wish to register, just click here.

In this training:

  1. FinOps: a model based on collaboration
  2. How do you identify, store and process your data?
  3. The implementation of a coherent tagging plan
  4. The keys to reducing your consumption
  5. The levers to activate in order to reduce your expenses
  6. How can the FinOps model be sustained over the long term?
  7. Choosing the right tools to develop your FinOps strategy

Who are we?

This training is offered free of charge by We are a French start-up that develops a 100% FinOps platform for all companies.

Our goal: to provide IT professionals with all the keys to optimize their Cloud spending, whether through our practical advice or our automation platform.

Your contact person

I am Clément Rainsard, Co-founder of You will be able to discuss with me throughout this training.

7 days to get started in FinOps