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Discover how FinOps will profoundly change traditional thought patterns to become the benchmark practice for Cloud users.


FinOps is a set of best practices aimed at helping companies optimise their cloud spend. It is a vision that profoundly changes the use and consumption of Cloud resources. FinOps aims to bring clarity and stability to the variable billing model of public and private cloud providers. Today, FinOps is transforming the habits of companies towards a responsible and reasoned use of Cloud services.

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what's the finops for?

Since its inception, FinOps has been enabling companies to transform their vision and consumption of the Cloud. The ultimate goal: to control the expenses associated with Cloud resources and ensure the profitability of IT investments. FinOps is not just a way to save money: it is a global vision enabling the whole company to move towards a more virtuous organization and to improve performance.

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The FinOps methodology is nothing without control. Before implementing the optimizations necessary to reduce your Cloud expenses, it is necessary to deploy the technical tools that allow you to establish permanent control over your expenses. All the more so in an increasingly multi-cloud universe and faced with more and more services. The foundation of FinOps: centralize and gain visibility to simplify the analysis of your expense items.


The implementation of FinOps best practices ensures visibility and control over all the company's Cloud resources. A good analysis of your uses and the working habits of your teams can allow you to better identify the issues related to your Cloud environment and draw conclusions that will allow you to move towards a more responsible Cloud.


Ultimately, FinOps allows companies to do one thing: change the way they think and design their Cloud infrastructure to optimize their usage and lower their bills. Budgets invested in the Cloud are difficult to control. The FinOps methodology aims to transform companies into responsible consumers and to foster cooperation to ensure maximum optimization of Cloud resource consumption.


In some structures, the FinOps vision may be embodied by one or more people. For other structures, often smaller in size, FinOps is embodied transversally by the various actors linked to the Cloud, without the presence of a real FinOps team. Concretely, the implementation of a FinOps model concerns all the components of the company, from executive development to finance, IT service management and or business. It's a real way of thinking that must cross the different teams in the company to bring about more collaboration and accountability. FinOps is a profound paradigm shift, a revolution in the traditional way of thinking that pushes companies to transform their habits to migrate to a more virtuous model.

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The practice of FinOps appeared in 2012 in San Fransisco. The first major consumers of Cloud then began to lay the foundations for what would later become FinOps. At the time, we were talking more about Cloud cost optimization or Cloud expense management. The term FinOps appeared later, when a community of IT professionals became aware of the need to homogenize practices. FinOps is today the financial counterpart of DevOps and allows to easily gather all the best practices related to Cloud spend optimization under a single banner. 

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